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XRC: JULY_4 spr-01
LUNAR - KRIST_K spr-03

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diaspóra SPR 02 . 3 CITIES V/A
11-track 12cm cd-r
3-track 3.5" floppydisk

1: Mistaken for a Tree: Modst 6:09
2: Mike Nylons: The very first 11_9x01 3:35
3: aLPi: Papa 3:21
4: nicron: destruct.2 10:08
5: Xrc: Interlude 1:26
6: Prell: untitled #6 (excerpt) 7:12
7: Minimalisten: Next 7:45
8: Terra Rossa: Paracelsus 7:56
9: Automata Hari: Dreamachine 6:04
10: Fortebordo: Piece o'95 3:35
11: Tigrics: Kanálvíz, vörösbor 6:42

A. aLPi: Grotex #8 0:43
B. The Corporation: Flowerpage102x. AafghaanistanREC.2 (excerpt) 1:09
C. Vono Box: Zero Jazz 2:28

- tematical selection of the active live act and experimental electronic musicians in our country. 

S/N register program:
Please register Your copy of this record! Simply send back the serial number of the CD (which appears on surface and on the cover-inside) with Your city / country information via email. It will appear soon on the S/N PROGRAM PAGE.

You can read the attachment text in free translation here.

Floppy image program
This program writes the cd-attached floppy image to disc.

OGG downloads
For running the sound samples and the files on the floppy disk

3cities and Cutting Age (Cas!o Samples) reviex on (german)

We recommend for visualization the nSCOP 0.965b.


release info:
- release date: 18. 2. 2002.
- all copies with unique execution, first 14 pieces numbered; all copies with registrable serial number.
- media type: TDK Reflex Ultra CD-R74 PWWED
- floppydisks are with the numbered copies available! any other copies are attached by the tools of the floppy-setup.

order info:
- price: 5€/$4.50/1290 HUF + posting (worldwide 7€/$5-6; in Hungary 500 HUF with post-, 200 HUF with pre-payment)
- price in stores: 1490 HUF
- You can buy it on our presentation events by reduced cost of 1000 HUF

- on presentation events in the following places:
Budapest: sunday 24. febr. 19h- (Undergrass, Liszt F. square)
Pécs: 27. febr. wednesday 19h- (Dominikánus Ház, Színház square)
Székesfehérvár: 1. marc. friday 19h-
(Városi Képtár, Oskola st.)
- on order: 12cm cd-r + 3.5" floppydisk (we accept foreorder for the un-numbered pieces)
- in some music stores of Hungary: Budapest-Wave, Székesfehérvár-Bahia, Pécs-Bagolyfészek
- the content of the floppy is downloadable.

places of the order:
- email: 
- post: Balázs Kovács, H-8000. (Hungary) Székesfehérvár, Murányi u. 6. 

- links to the performers: aLPina, Prell (Optimal)/ Automata Hari (dj Suefo), Vono Box (Sabada)/ Fortebordo (Szekreter), Tigrics_(ParaRadio)/ Mike Nylons (The Corporation), Minimalisten, Mistaken for a Tree, Nicron, Terra Rossa, Xrc

- thanks for the help: Parrag Judit, Földy Erika, Optimal, Ultrahang, ParaRadio, Kerényi Károly Szakkollégium, Fejér Megyei Hírlap,,

Thanks the following persons for help at the presentation events: Placid, Reakthor (BP), Oshee, Dani (Pécs), Kelner Krisztián, Gergő, Full Logic (Szfvár)

- please let us know from any technical problem to solve it.

21. JANUAR 2002.